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(Feb 18th 2018)

Sunday, 12 April 2015

YoMero 2 - Transformations and Other Art

YoMero - Donald

YoMero transformation scenarios including most of those I featured in Part 1 of this article are not always self explanatory but it's pretty obvious something of the sort has happened here. If you don't recognise the strange nautical garb with pretty red bow you might suspect a gender transformation going on but don't reach for the smelling salts just yet! The clue is in the title, this fairy tale transformation is in fact - was in fact - Donald Duck. I can't say I find this idea erotic on any level but I do like the end result with a hyper-masculine guy finding himself half-dressed in skimpy attire with distinctly feminine and childish flavours.
 There's a Mickey Mouse study too on YoMero's Deviant Art site.
Look out for Wonder Warrior if you can stomach the Implications.

YoMero - Do It
I'm not sure there's any transformation involved here but it's a nice picture and what seems to be more humiliation as the devil-angel places some shocking ideas in the mind of his victim, who looks as if he's still a bit wet behind the ears. The artist uses a different name to sign these pictures but I haven't worked out what it is yet.

YoMero - Mermans (sic)

Pure romance here as two (transformed?) boys cavort in the sea. 
Enjoying the freedom perhaps?
The background waves have a touch of Japanese art about them 
but the curly locks of the 'flying fish' are pure 50's retro
 (see this article on Quaintance)

YoMero -  In The Gym 1

This is more conventional erotica but it's nicely done. The subject matter and the neat shading style is reminiscent of the work of Harry Bush, although his works of tormented desire and body worship usually showed (or suggested) older men on the receiving end. YoMero's take is more innocent and charming.
I wonder what was going to go in the speech bubble?

 Find more by this artist at Jesus on the Rocks at Deviant Art

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