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(Feb 18th 2018)

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Ministry of Silly Hats - 8 Furry Ears

 Well, I suppose it's a good joke to juxtapose 'hot' and cold in the same picture, 
but it's hard to get excited over a man who doesn't remove his hat for sex. 
Perhaps it's for that long trek to the unheated bathroom! 
(Model and Studio not known)

 'Winter' by Seva Galkin

The title probably refers to the model's reaction when he found out what he was wearing for the shoot. Humiliating handsome models (à la mitchmen) seems to be becoming an international pastime. No wonder he's groping for his rosary for comfort!
... and what are the guys down the pub going to say?
Still, looking on the bright side,
someone from Disney might give him a role in the next 'Ice Age' movie.

 Jordan Miles by Gilles Crofta

Same trap, different hat, but Jordan's toughing it out, putting on his best catwalk stare.
 Actually the great coat, skillfully aligned with the line of the ear flaps, 
showcases Jordan's body absurdly well and makes this image slightly less silly. 
No sillier than the D&G underpants anyway, who designed that garment?

 Matt Carlin by Gilles Crofta

An even frostier reaction from Matt Carlin, it seems. 
As a modern man, he's no doubt aware that ink and droopy ears are not 'on trend' right now. 
Adding a pilot's helmet on top of the fur hat was the last straw,
Like wearing a double condom, more is sometimes less.
That sulky crossed arm pose is doing wonders for his pecs though.
Just imagine someone has just walked into the room with a whip.

 Nick Wolanski by Gilles Crofta

Gilles is a serial offender in the Court of Silly Hats but this image is redeemed by the erotic adaptation of a humble vest into a very sweaty, sexy garment indeed. I can recall similar experimentation in my youth, improvising a leotard from the utilitarian underwear supplied by my mother. It felt as good to me then as it looks on Nick here. Would that I had such thighs! Once again the colour olive demonstrates it's power to flatter the flesh
(search on 'olive' for more articles on this subject).

photo by Ron Reyes

Russian troops seem to enjoy opulent barracks these days!
Rumour has it that this was a prototype "invisibility hat", a concept pioneered by Wagner in 'Das Rheingold' and extremely useful when invading neighbouring countries.
As you can see, it doesn't work.
Only joking Mister P. No need to send in the troops!
Not, that is, unless they are all like this chap..........

In deference to my many readers from the frosty, Eastern end of Europe, 
I must admit that the furry hat is an entirely sensible item of outdoor, winter clothing
 and a useful addition to the erotic toy box, but please not on the head! 

Let us hope that peace, fairness and good sense will prevail in  the Ukraine.


speedoric said...

Mitchman: as an affrighted suburban
hat-wearer I must protest against yr campaign, as insidious as Mr Putin's.But thx for some v. hot guyz. (And its not a rosary, just a cross on a chain)

speedoric said...

Great guyz,great hatz, great bodz. Please come and occupying my outlying provinces. But its not a r
rosary, merely a cross on a chain