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(Feb 18th 2018)

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Blues, Boots and Thighs

The University Boat Race last week produced it's usual cavalcade of hunky athletes.
The rower's were a feast for the eyes, never mind the race!

After winning the race, Oxford slip into their warm tops and wellies and the result is an unexpectedly sexy showcase for the boys' muscular legs.

 Behold the face of evil. We all knew one of these.
All part of the fun lads eh! Not humiliating at all!

Yeah, well, if you say so.
A glimpse of leotard proves more sexy than any stocking.

 The race produced some touching scenes of manly hugging 
(no frontal touching allowed of course)

Friends reunited, it brings back memories of the war years!
 Even the technical staff wear sexy kit (right, centre) 

Previous years were just as exciting. This is 2010.
Leotard or leggings, it's so hard to choose!

Also 2010, queuing for a hand shake, or something.

2011 was a very special vintage year for hunky thighs.

 2013. You can almost taste the rower's excitement.

2013 again. Everyone wants to hold it.

More Boat Race Rowing Ritual in my next post.


Speedoric said...

Showing yr colours by showing Oxford only!You shd alos check the Warwick U Boat Club Naked Rowers link

Mitchell said...

I own up to being an Oxford supporter, for no very good reason really. But Cambridge haven't won recently and that also influenced my picture selection. However I do intend to mention the Light Blues in my follow-up post.

speedoric said...

Mitch thanks for the repost showing Cambridge.But ditch-the-bitch cox

Mitchell said...

I'm surprised you noticed with all that manflesh to feast upon!