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(Feb 18th 2018)

Monday, 6 January 2014

The Look - Frightened Captive

The Look that says 'help me someone!'

He'd just been enjoying himself in the club when they siezed him.
They roughly stripped him of his clothes, gloating as his body was revealed.
For men like him - cute, natural and modest,
were highly sought after where they were taking him.

They let him keep his boots and shackled him hand and foot,
so he could walk unaided to the black van purring outside.
Everyone else in the club pretended not to notice.
They ignored his pleas for help.
Lest they be picked up too.

So simple but so erotic.
I don't recall where I found this picture 
but if anyone wants to claim it I will provide a link.


abruma said...

That's Sebastián Rulli in the play PD Your cat died.

Mitchell said...

Very nice too! Thank you for the info.