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(Feb 18th 2018)

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Riding The Wedge with Franco

Franco - Milk-O-Matic
This variant of the wedge (sent in by Roy D, thanks Roy!) is rather different from my previous posts. For a start the wedge is flat topped and blunt so it would spread the ass cheeks rather than apply point pressure in-between. It also looks as though the wedge itself slides in and out so it rubs sensuously against the subject's inner thighs and ass. In fact this jock is secured slightly above it, so his balls dangle and get the benefit of the rub. 

I imagine the machine might come with a selection of interchangeable sleeves for the wedge, in various suitable materials like fur, rough sacking, no not sandpaper, but static-inducing nylon would be interesting, Mmmm sparky balls! You will observe that the knee and ankle restraints are also movable independently, potentially producing some fascinating undulating body effects as extraction proceeds. There's probably an animated GIF of this fiendish device floating round the net somewhere.

You can read my A-Z entry on Franco here. It needs updating to reflect his latest CGI work. He has a Yahoo Fan Group  and there's also a good repository of Franco's work at Telemachus. Spanking groups and blogs like Jockspank also have good selections and if you Google him you will find many more!

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