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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Adventures of Leo - 1

 Leo can remember being called to sort out a brawl in a bar, 
just a routine night patrol incident
When he got there, it was like they were waiting for him. 
He can't remember what happened after that.

 Wakey, wakey Leo, this is the start of your new life!

Interesting underwear Leo. 
It tells me a lot about you.
You're clean living and modest I reckon.
Not much call for that these days. Ha, ha!

 That uniform definitely doesn't do you justice Leo, 
you ought to be in a job where you can use that hunky body. 

Shaved pubes eh? You've definitely got potential!
In fact I know someone who'd love to look you over.
I'll go and call him....
Oh, I nearly forgot.....

 .....Just so you don't get any ideas of escaping.

Mmmmm Leo, Leo! 
I think you were just made to be tethered!

I won't be long Leo. don't go away!

Pictures of Leo courtesy of Bound Guys

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