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(Feb 18th 2018)

Monday, 12 November 2012

Lock and Keep

 The mitchmen theme is 'putting men in their place'
and this little photo-manipulation story by Chirenon is a nice example.
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 New Rules 1

The scene is set with a nice blokey opening. I love the laconic dialogue. 
The 'lost bet' is a classic male domination story line that was being used as a flimsy excuse for male nudity by Royale Studio and AMG back in the sixties and doubtless long before that.

 New Rules 2

The joke develops an nice edge as the top reveals his liking for seeing men 'locked-up'. This particular design is quite enhancing in the flesh. By the same token it' will be difficult to conceal under male clothing. The naive 'loser' realises too late that without the key, he's not only given himself a tricky dress problem but surrendered much of his capacity for sexual pleasure - indefinitely it appears. A very subtle form of bondage. I like the idea of a top that gets off on keeping his man caged, while enjoying him from the other end, without guilt. Tantalisingly, the story ends without showing us that scene.

Story courtesy of Male Protection blogspot 
Chirenon's Rules

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