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(Feb 18th 2018)

Friday, 25 May 2012

A-Z of Fetish Artists - The Letter 'R'

The letter 'R' includes it's own quota of 'stars' - Brad Rader, 'RAS' (R A Schultz) and most notably for me Rex. I usually start off these reviews with 'honourable mentions' or artists whose work I like but who don't qualify for the series (for my inclusion criteria look here). For 'R' I've chosen a major figure to set the scene.

RWRichards - At The Pool

RWRichards probably doesn't count as a fetish artist, much of his work is middle of the road erotic-romantic, indeed his distinctive, deliberately graphical style could have graced the cover of any romantic novel or fashion spread from the last century (with appropriate censorship of course!) This langourous evocation of a summer heatwave reminds me of Harry Bush's tempting youths (technically and psychologically) but there's a more confident mindset behind it.
RWRichards - Shower

Richards' men have smooth, shiny skins and large eyes with luxurious lashes which are not particularly masculine traits but it's more than made up for elsewhere and in this shower scene it helps create a striking contrast with the beautiful Adonis, humbly kneeling before the grizzled, self assured older man. It's a power play which is also the essence of fetish and shows that an inter-generational image can work perfectly well without relying on immature boys. Richards' treatment of water in these two pictures is interesting for aspiring artists.
I've not located a website for R W Richards but there must be a collection somewhere - info from readers welcome!

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