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(Feb 18th 2018)

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Administering Justice by Riding Crop

Mitchell - Instant Justice

This picture dates from a fairly fertile 'domination' period some time back.
A young hooligan is chastised by a leather enthusiast. 
The position depicted in this picture is rather impractical for punishment purposes 
but I think it looks good.

Romaine by Simon Barnes

Riding crops have an appeal for me which I can't really explain, the only horses I've 'ridden' are the ones on fairground roundabouts! These pictures by Simon Barnes link to Regency settings.

Jon Richards by Simon Barnes

I don't do historical scenes but these models prompted me to sketch out some ideas around 'horse whipping the stable boy' - look out for it at my Yahoo! group (link in sidebar)

Models by Simon Barnes at Hotsnapz, Jon Richards image courtesy of Beautiful


Turquine said...

I love the top on your "Instant Justice" pic, his legs & butt are great.

Anonymous said...

A riding crop is the sexiest accessory to bondage erotica!