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Sunday, 22 October 2017

The Other 'Zero' (Part 2)

  The captive's faces in Zero's images always show interesting and varying responses to their situation and that is part of their success. Drawing out the the dark mystery and danger in bondage scenes is key to their erotic appeal. I'm intrigued by the hands in this picture which are posed asymmetrically. The positions are not physically impossible, but the reversed one on the left would be a lot more uncomfortable. This image is arresting and although it easy to visualise how it has been assembled, the craftsmanship is such that you can't really 'see the joins' to be sure.


A while ago I stumbled across what looked like the source photograph for this image (there can't be many other beam balancing torments like it on the net)! Unfortunately I've mislaid it again but I'll post it here if I rediscover it. The fence in this image actually looks faked but I think the artist has applied a blurring technique to 'neutralise' it's visual effect. Source discoveries for these pictures are rare which might be down to the clever modifications applied or to their obscure (Japanese?) origins or simply to increasing age which makes all vintage imagery harder and harder to find, modern search engines being firmly focused on the most recent items.


Another striking and simple composition. At first sight it looks like he's kneeling but the shadow bottom right shows he's suspended. Clever placing of the rope anchorage points has produced a believable, demanding pose that is sensual indeed. In this picture and the preceding one, the artist has taken less trouble to accentuate the models muscularity, it's more of a blurring effect. As a result you can almost 'see' the original photograph coming through.

In other pictures by him (not shown here) this effect is even more marked, large areas of the original appearing to be virtually untouched as the originator has concentrated on enhancement of the ropes and sexual areas. These images have an 'unfinished' appearance in comparison to the rest, and vividly demonstrate how the fuzzy, lack lustre greys of the elderly source photos have been completely transformed in the more polished examples, like the one below. 


This great picture is rather intimate with the captor engrossed in toying with his captive but in a mild, rather tentative way while his handsome victim nervously tries to pull away. This atmosphere contrasts sharply with the frantic 'tying up' example showing other captors in action in part 1 of this article (image 6).

Being positioned to the side rather than in front of his charge, this captor appears to be working his man for the benefit of us as spectators as much as himself. The threat of the hoisting tackle above them might thus go unremarked by the casual observer but it has the capability to transform this charming dick-tethering moment into an organ-stretching torment.
Notice the interesting feet detail again on the right.

11 (click to expand)
This variation on the tether-and-tug idea involves a  more complex arrangement. With the captive unattended, face down on his knees and with his most vulnerable locations either plugged or swathed in rope it seems to represent a most private form of torment. 

In this picture I fancy the victim's face has a slightly oriental flavour, which I mention in support of my hypothesis of Japanese origins for the collection. It's sort of true of some of the other images too (see12 below) but overall an impression is conveyed of a white anglo-saxon cast.
 On the other hand this is the only image with a (visible) butt insertion which seems unusual for Japanese erotica these days!

12 (click to expand)
I regret that I can't display this image in a larger size with my currect blog format, but it will expand. The impact of this dramatic bondage is arguably the strongest of all the pictures here. It's created by the stretched-out pose and unusually angled support coupled with the tight roping around his body and cruelly tied back legs, topped off of course by a suitably agonised expression. 
You hardly notice at first the nipple tugging that's going on and a related tug-of-war with his dick (these presumably invoking that silent cry). 
A vision of Hell or Heaven, according to taste.


For the last picture I have chosen a more conventional illustration of the bondage situation where the captive's role is not simply to suffer artistically, but to provide more direct pleasure to his captor by servicing him, in this case via the impressive endowment presently resting on his chest. A simple dick tether provides the necessary coercion mechanism - and it looks like it's going to be needed.

Although the captive is comprehensively restrained it's a relatively comfortable position. The legs might start to suffer eventually, but for now he even has a seat! I leave it to you to decide if said seat incorporates a peg/plug, but then again, once it's in it's in, deal with it!


These remarkable images are totally unique with a high standard of artistry and content and their longevity reflects those enduring qualities. This selection features some of the best ones but purely reflects my own personal preferences and indeed my own collection of this artist's work is not necessarily comprehensive. You are likely to stumble over these almost any time in bondage searches and they pop up from time to time on GMBA (see sidebar for that site's present whereabouts), but I cannot find a permanent website for them. (Info from readers welcome)

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