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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Hunk Hunt - Mitch Colby 8

Mitch Colby's appearances opposite porn celebrities Rusty Stevens and Aryx Quinn slotted into the same time frame as his memorable fetish film appearances (see Part 1) between 2009 and 2012. In this period also, his casting opposite two less well-known wrestler names also produced some interesting imagery.

 Brook Stetson's hairy, fleshy muscularity makes a supreme, dominant foil for Colby's 'regular guy' persona. He seems full of dangerous masculinity. It's not necessarily alluring in the same way as Rusty and Aryx, but represents a blunt sensuality that's impossible to ignore.

Stetson's sweaty bulk strains at a frail-looking jockstrap making the rearward-facing head-scissors position seem more potent than ever as a humiliation hold.

With the scissors reversed those hairy pecs sighted over the mound of Stetson's jockstrap must give an overwhelming impression of irresistible strength that makes the hint of bondage here seem almost superfluous. No wonder Mitch is sweating.


 In contrast, Colby's meeting with the austere but handsome Vlad Varek is notable for some conventional combat imagery that gives Colby's own brand of masculine appeal a chance to shine through. If you think wrestling is entirely faked, take a closer look at that impact area.

Mitch is forced to wearily confront his opponent's assets in the traditional way for losers. 
These images also provide an interesting object lesson in trunk selection. Mitch's traditional blue flatters his physique, but Vlad's co-ordinated red outfit seems to have the opposite effect. His chunky thighs ought to stand out in this image but somehow they don't.

This knee-drop move is captured at a perfect moment. Vlad's straining face acknowledges his opponents considerable size and we can see his muscularity for ourselves from this angle. These daunting qualities have been completely overwhelmed however. Mitch is lifted into a precarious position that epitomises forced subordination and inescapable pain ahead. 


Mitch's encounter with Skotch English provides similarly potent moments. This man's shaved head and chunky physique promises a bruising physicality and merciless determination that's amply represented in this striking image. His relative lack of defined muscularity compared with Stetson (top above) suggests a street-fighter's rawness, unrefined and unpredictable. Meanwhile Mitch's trunks are working well for him.

The dramatic role reversal seen here is the stuff of wrestling of course, the brute turned into a baby. Colby seems almost majestic here, casually imposing his strength through a simple hold whose efficacy we have probably all experienced and can readily comprehend. His face shows a calmness and confidence that is both warming and attractive, demonstrating that maturity isn't always a downhill process.

 This is perhaps a less convincing sequel move, but for me the combination of Skotch's arched-backwards and involuntary, offering-up of his body, plus his tight, square cut, butt-enhancing shorts plus the intimate conjunction with Colby's crotch adds up to a highly erotic moment. One that the preceding images have not prepared us for.

Colby's dominance is not destined to last in this story but with the assistance of those terrific trunks he is able to show us that his male attractions are not dimmed by staring defeat (and his opponent's nether regions) in the face. His broad back defines his strength but is now wet with sweat which symbolises how his power has been gradually drained away by his opponent's superiority. 
Lower down, the artful disturbance of his trunks tells the same story. His coyly revealed, single ass cheek is actually equalled in eroticism by the chunky shaping of the trunks round the other cheek, those diagonal crease lines are amazingly sensual.

 They say that nobody likes a loser, but I don't think that's true here. 
I'll let the image speak for itself. That's a hunk! Yum!

To be concluded next time.
In the preparation of this article I was greatly helped by the treasure trove of imagery at 'Neverland' and 'Sidelineland'. My thanks also to BGEast who own the copyright of most of the pictures and will supply you with the videos if you want to find out more.
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