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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Hunk Hunt - Mitch Colby 7


In 2010, the year after Mitch Colby made his debut in Titan's fetish films (see Part1), his erotic wrestling career acquired a touch of glamour in a pairing with the notable porn star Rusty Stevens. If  Colby has a mild, mature and often bewildered look about him Stevens' persona is decidedly hard and dangerous. You'd have expected him to be there, dishing out more humiliation for Colby and the BGEast studio duly reward us with some trunk chewing which Stevens enforces with impressive effort and muscularity. 

 He repeats the humiliation later on in the film, having swapped the dubious leopardskin trunks for a natty grey jockstrap. Mitch gets a faceful of sweaty crotch-wrapping.

As you might expect, Stevens' porn star physique gets much showcasing in this production and an extended bear-hug administered by Colby from behind suits that purpose very well. Stevens acting performance and natural assets in this sequence manage to dispel my normal disinclination to linger over this hold.

 There are some lollipops for feet fetish fans in this film and this moment where Mitch traps Stevens' legs in a figure-4 using his crotch is unexpectedly sensual. Colby's chunky buns and thighs create a crudely dominant impression and make his opponent's lean muscularity seem quite boyish and vulnerable by comparison.

 Not every man can wear a jockstrap as well as Colby does here and it adds erotic gravitas to his domination of poor Rusty. The conjunction of crotch, crack and feet here is fascinating. You can believe that Colby's bulk could keep his opponent trapped like this for some time, while he enjoys a bit of foot frottage.

In the end Rusty acknowledges his master and Mitch gets a reward that you might not have predicted at the outset.


Mitch has another celebrity encounter 2 years after this and it's worth departing from my previous chronological sequencing to take it in here. 

Aryx Quinn, also known as Tristan Balwin appeared on the Buk Buddies site way back and makes regular appearances in conventional gay porn. That's him above seeing to Gavin Waters above. Like Colby, he has a significant parallel career in erotic wrestling, but unlike Colby he has cultivated an extroverted, mean guy image that you can glimpse in the shot above.

When Aryx and Colby run into each other in BGEast 's Ring Wars #20 the bad boy's reputation might have you salivating over the possibilities for humiliation of the older man. 
Indeed the customary crotch-led greeting is not too long in coming. 

So far things seem to be following the anticipated pattern. Aryx is wearing a purple thong for this encounter. It's a garment that has similar butt-exposing properties to a jockstrap but also carries associations of flamboyance, a characteristic that gives a special, unpleasant twist to domination manoeuvres like this face sitting.

However, when dealing with a big chap like Colby, exposing the butt is a double-edged sword and provides a temptation that's much harder to resist than the sportsman's more utilitarian jock. Even without the spanking ingredient here, Mitch's scissors hold on Aryx's neck creates an exceedingly erotic picture.

Mitch goes on to give his opponent a series of punishing discomforts, including a dose of Aryx's own, trademark, back-breaker hold. Those skimpy briefs begin to look a little foolish now! (Although I confess I also find Colby's orange favourites less than flattering to him). As we saw with Rusty Stevens, Colby's mature muscularity dwarfs his opponents' litheness at close quarters and it's very sexy, particularly when they are temporarily unable to escape.

 In the end, an exhausted (but still sexy) Aryx is hoisted by his thong strap ...

.....and escorted from the ring, presumably for a ritual forfeit whose nature you must imagine for yourselves since the film ends with the two men disappearing from sight together. A nice device.


I have brought these two films together here, not only on account of their shared 'porn celebrity' status, but also because Colby's meetings with these two men led me quite by chance to a link back to my last 'hunk hunt' which featured Brian Bodine. It transpired that Rusty Stevens and Aryx Quinn both got the chance to work Brian over in the same Can-Am video 'The Arena, Part 1' (2010) 

Good quality images of this film are hard to track down, but as you can see from the cover, Brian gets to suffer nakedly and valiantly at the hands of both men, who were warming up for their own bout the next day to make The Arena, Part 2. It would have been nice to tie this diversion neatly back to the subject of my present series but sadly I can find no trace of Brian fighting Mitch Colby or indeed any other wrestler after this gruelling experience! 

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More next time.
In the preparation of this article I was greatly helped by the treasure trove of imagery at 'Neverland' and 'Sidelineland'. My thanks also to BGEast who own the copyright of most of the pictures and will supply you with the videos if you want to find out more.
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