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Saturday 10 May 2014

A-Z of Fetish Artists - Tank

I'm exaggerating in labelling 'Tank' as a fetish artist but I thought this image complemented nicely the Cowboy picture from Timarcus in the last post plus I also usually like to start each new letter with a 'bonbon' and he certainly meets this criterion.

Tank - Bareback

The situation depicted here is not devoid of S&M overtones - the anxious, rueful expression of the rider, the more determined, knowing look of his companion and the braided cord slung over the shoulder which looks suspiciously like a lariat. There are parallels with the domination theme of the Timarcus picture. However, in this case the story is artfully developed by including a symbol of raw strength and power, the horse (male of course) and the leather accoutrements used to control it. The drawing style is voluptuous and glamorous in a masculine way, it's not a million miles away from  'hyper-realism' of Tom of Finland (who is also included in this group of artists) but it's rather more accomplished in technique. 

 Tom of Finland - Outlaw Roped

 Compare this picture by Tom, which also expresses a power relationship using similar compositional devices. Tom's sherrif's face is equally well depicted and both artists have used the contours of the jeans to insert a more explicit erotic element (as it were). Naturally Tom's is improbably bigger! Interestingly, you can see if you study Tank's picture, that the composition has been 'assembled' from three separate images, another technique shared with Tom.
Tank - Barn
 This is a rather unsubtle sequel and not a very good copy but I include it to draw more parallels with Tom of Finland's work. The lounging open-legged position was a favourite pose for him and the covert, guilty, sideways look of the second cowboy passing-by could have been plucked right out of early Tom. I hasten to add that I'm not seeking to characterise Tank as a Tom of Finland copyist, more of a heir and a kindred spirit. Actually it's the confident assertion of gay-ness, which is embodied in both Tank's pictures - especially the second one - that reflects the true essence of Tom's best work and that is far more significant than mere technical similarities.
I think Tom would be proud of this legacy.
 Tank - Cowboy
For the avoidance of doubt, Tom never produced a work as thrilling and vital as this, I'm not sure any European artist ever would, for this is the Spirit of America, excitement, achievement and freedom all packaged up in a stunningly beautiful image.

There's a decent selection of  Tank's work at Daddy's here Tank Collection
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