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Saturday 8 March 2014

Yet Another 'Wedge' from Nursury0

Nursury0 - Go For a Ride

Every time I think I must have exhausted the list of artists exploring the punishment potential of the Wedge another one turns up! This is by Nursury0 and explore seems the right word for this set of variations. His Wedge is a real leg spreader and the frontal viewpoint gives a sense of the discomfort involved. This victim has to endure it under the glare of hot studio lights - and presumably an audience.

Nursury throws in a shredded clothing humiliation for extra interest, ripping up his
Spiderman outfit that must have been extremely expensive to buy! I'm not a superhero aficionado (particularly where masks are involved) but as far as I know Spiderman's powers do not emanate from his clingy gear, so this is pure vandalism on Nursury0's part, the cruelest cut. Sadly it also deprives us of a view of the captive's cock straining to get out of his body hugging suit.

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