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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Men Sharing Clothes 17 - Green Speedo's

In these articles I reflect on the strangely sexy effect that results from wearing clothes belonging to or previously worn by another man. In this group, three men create some interesting contrasts from the same pair of swimming trunks.

This hunk is a body builder called Derren McLaury and he fills out these swimming trunks very nicely for AAG. This traditional style of swimwear particularly suits older looking men. Green can be a tricky colour but it goes great with darker skin and in this case also tones nicely with the sea around him.

Rolling the top down always enhances the erotic vibe but you can see in this reclining pose that the design works well for Derren when it's worn as intended too, with the waist pulled up. That twinkle in his eye would melt the hardest heart.

No 2 in our parade is Kyle Heinz, same trunks, similar location, but quite a different effect. The trunks seem to drain his colour away (assisted by the background glare). They also accentuate his slimmer (but no less muscular) build creating a much more boyish appearance which doesn't have anything like the same sex appeal, despite the sultry facial expression.

Now see this same model in more youthful surfing shorts and he looks great! Admittedly he's coloured his skin and buffed up for competition here, but the long shorts accentuate his slender proportions making a virtue of them. Kyle's face suggests he might be a sporty sort of guy and the contemporary, casual garment complements that impression.

Finally take Justin De Roy. The proportions of the trunks on his body tell you he's a big man, although you wouldn't guess it from the delicate, chiselled features of his face. The trunk design certainly suits his physique and the colour is right for his skin but somehow, in combination with the casual beefcake pose it doesn't quite do him justice. He looks as though he ought to be doing something more serious.

This image of Justin by Luis Rafael, using pinks and greys, works better. The pose, looking back to Michaelangelo's studies of slaves and other classical art takes advantage of Justin's statuesque appearance. Michaelangelo's sculpted slaves were trapped within the rock from which he carved their bodies, Luis has 'trapped' Justin behind heavy, bolted and chained metal doors, creating a stunning image and suggesting a stimulating scenario for would be collectors.

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Green Speedo photo's by Michael Downs for AAG

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