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Friday 5 July 2013

A-Z of Fetish Artists - Sketches

Sketches' quirky pictures are a curious combination of caricature and realism. The faces have exaggerated Asian characteristics but the dialogue and comments included in his pictures are very American.  

 Sketches - Military CBT

This first picture shows his deep interest in the detailed, sinewy musculature which is only ever developed by serious bodybuilders and if you invert the image you will immediately spot the weight-lifting origins of the pose. Sketches cleverly adapts it to produce a highly original and rather fiendish torture scenario. The captive soldier's flexed feet and legs are all that is preventing the fine, wire-like, c&b tether from doing some nasty work. 
 Sketches - Crack Whip

'Crack whip' comes from an abduction story called 'The Red Berets'. Once again Sketches takes a fairly mundane image, a hands on hips pose, and gives it a fierce erotic twist. The arrogant, cigar-smoking, parade ground bully is clad in revealing, thin tights to receive a painful ass-whipping. Camouflage tights, what a great idea! They should be standard army issue. Although, his body doesn't even flinch from the lash, his screwed up face, trying not reveal any distress, is a marvellous creation. The technique of weaving a sexual fantasy around an everyday image, must be how most erotic artists start out. Sketches works round the restrictions of his source material very well.

  Sketches - Torture

My final example shows a prisoner (of war?) undergoing some form of endurance torture (witness the perspiration). The mechanism is unclear except that it seems to involve more of that salami-slicing wire. The caricatured face and head are typical of Sketches style, it's coupled with a rather nice drawing of a squatting man with a fine physique. You can see his 'torture stool' is inspired by the humble gym bench. Sketches' interest in gym-based torture is shared with another notable fetish artist - Zamok.

Sketches' Asian, muscle drawings occupy a unique, fetish niche. They tend to inherit some of the posed, static nature of the source material used for the muscle detail, but he weaves imaginative, sexy scenarios. There is a Pridesites page for Sketches work, but beware of female presences! There should also be some oddments in the GMBA archive (current link in sidebar, it gets reborn occasionally!). He's also listed on 'Masters of Muscle' (paysite).

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