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Monday 1 July 2013

A-Z of Fetish Artists - Sirio

 Sirio - Tentacles
There are mountains of tentacle art on the internet and much of it is repetitive and not terribly exciting, but I do like this picture by Sirio. The contorted body position and flesh indentations made by the tentacles do actually create the impression of a body under stress, in the grip of a powerful …...well, whatever. 
This image is simply drawn, but you can see there's a nice erotic sensuality in the style. 
The elfin ears tell you Sirio is depicting some sort of Fantasyland here.

 Sirio - Captive  
There are similar, other-worldly indicators in this picture too. I could wish for more butch-looking faces, but this simple depiction of domination and forced submission is surprisingly powerful. 
The collar imagery and tight arm restraint is great. 
In the absence of an explanatory storyline, the evidence of bruising, physical abuse gives the image an evil tweak which some will like and others not. Violence and tenderness make unpleasant bedfellows in real life and in fantasy pose difficult questions about the acceptable boundaries of S&M.

 Sirio - Batman and Bane
Much of Sirio's output concerns the subjugation and humiliation of garishly-clad, super-heroes at the hands of equally improbable villains. It's enjoyable enough as adventure entertainment but personally I don't 'get' the cross-over of comic super-powers into erotica. The sexy outfits and muscular bodies are a tease but that's usually as far as it goes for me. However, this image of Batman being subjected to a painful back breaker (part of a series at Sirio's blog) is a pretty sexy concept, it's a shame his sexy underwear isn't seen more often. 
Sirio - Centuria
This depiction of man on man sex seems to ooze testosterone, with it's muscular bodies and massive thighs but the face of the top has a fragile, androgynous quality about it, suggesting a quite confusing role reversal. There's a similar effect in the tentacle picture. I like the economical fetish detail, the bound wrists and squeezed pecs neatly sum up the captive's helplessness.

Sirio's art contains many ingredients which are far removed from my own interests – the Yaoi style, the fantasy characters and the biff-bash fighting. I limit my commentary accordingly - but there's some striking imagery to be found. 
To see more visit Sirio art at Y!Gallery which has links to various sites used by the artist.

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