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Monday, 25 March 2013

Hethong - Male Spanking

Hethong - Domestic Affairs - 1
 The pictures of Hethong often feature massively muscular (often black) men in control of herds of weedy-looking, hairless, white slaves. He has fascinating ideas, but the slaves often seem a bit too much like boys to be eligible for posting here at 'mitchmen'. That same sense of size and domination permeates this 'domestic' group too, but the junior partner here is unmistakeably adult with plenty of head and body hair.

Hethong - Domestic Affairs - 2
This picture is terrific, the faces of the two men are beautifully expressed and there's dynamic feel about the spanking action which isn't always true of Computer Generated Images. I love the racial ingredient and it's always good to see clothes being used to add extra character.

You can see many more Hethong pictures at his blog  He Thong Art

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