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Wednesday 4 January 2012

A-Z of Fetish Artists - Paschke

Ralf Pashke is an unusual phenomenon amongst fetish artists in that all the work I've seen by him is paint on canvas. His work is intended to be hung on walls and is therefore not sexually explicit for the most part, but I'm happy to include him here because his subjects do cover a wide range of S&M topics - rubber, bondage, domination even noose play. What's more he portrays these subjects honestly without concealing their erotic dimension.

Paschke - Larky

In Larky, for instance, your eye is immediately drawn to the muscular shoulders of the captive as he strains against the restraints and the rugged face is full of attractive masculinity. Beefcake if you like, but the unzipped rear of his leather jeans, revealing a glimpse of red underwear inside, adds a subtle but uncompromising erotic frisson.

Paschke - qbody

Liberated from having to depict sexual activity, Paschke is able to focus on artistic values and depicting individuals. 'qbody' is more painted more sensually, with subtle muscle definition and body and limb shapes which are pleasing and erotic in themselves. But the mohican style haircut and the wooden staff that makes this bondage position uncomfortably 'real' add a nice gritty edge.

Paschke - Bootlick 2

I'm not qualified to comment on Paschke's technique, his style is a little coarse for my taste, for example the swirling facial features in bootlick2, but of course it's not intended to be displayed on computer screens and it's still a great take on a classic fetish image whose roots go right back to Tom of Finland.

Paschke's website is at Gaymaleart

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