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Saturday 21 January 2012

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Proco

Proco - Spank the Boy
My last 'P' artist is Proco. This is the only picture I have by him but it's a cracker, showing an older man giving his younger partner a hell of a spanking. The characterisation of both men contains unexpected and pleasing contrasts - the grizzled, cuddly-looking, bear showing an evil streak and the excessively beautiful youth revelling in painful chastisement.
It's a neat composition full of life and strong sense of the two men sharing a memorable experience which isn't easy to achieve with back-turned, spanking situations. Part of this 'sharing' comes from the characterful facial expressions (Poserartists note!). But there's another reason, the picture is filled with angular, zig zag shapes and diagonals that flow through the limbs and bodies of the two men visually linking them together and creating a satisfying overall 'pattern' that looks very coherent. You can also see that their individual poses are like mirror image 'Z' shapes superimposed on each other, a sort of angular yin and yang if you like, pulling them neatly together. If I also compare these zig-zag shapes to lightning, you will see where some of the impression of urgent, sharp action comes from.
I can't find a website for Proco and I would welcome any information from readers.
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