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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Bound Gods Celebration - 10

Medical Electro-Torture

My last selection in this celebration of Bound Gods imagery returns to the topic of electro-torture, 
but this time in a medical context.

Phenix Saint plays a psycho-patient who is restrained in a strait-jacket in a padded cell. 
He starts starts loudly demanding attention.

His 'restlessness' has a sexual dimension (naturally) and there's a sense of unpredictability and menace from him in this scene. This is a nice shot of Phenix's well developed thighs.

The Ward Orderly (Jason Miller) takes him to an examination room for a thorough investigation. When dressed in a smock Phenix suddenly looses that aura of strength and power and submits with more docility than you would expect, especially considering the Orderly has whipped his cock out and is shamelessly groping him. 

This sequence seems a bit unlikely, but perhaps Jason introduced a sedating medication into Phenix's buttock before his strait jacket was removed. 
Anyway Jason decides he to chloroform him so he can confine him.

Phenix awakes to find himself unfrocked and strapped down to the bed. 
Once again his thighs are the centre of attention. 
The Orderly has strapped two electro-pads to each of them and is busily wiring them up.

A nice shot of Phenix looking extremely doubtful as the treatment begins, 
perhaps the sedation is wearing off, but his cock is certainly excited.

Before long he's jumping about in pain. 
The restraints leave him just enough freedom to writhe and struggle but there's no way of escaping. Jason enjoys the show in his own way. But there's more...

Next, the Orderly takes hold of Phenix's penis and carefully inserts a special electrode into the tip. 
Apart from showing us clearly what is happening, there's a nice intimacy about this image 
but the straps around Phenix's thighs in the background remind us that it is a one-sided intimacy.

With the probe fully inserted, the cage-like cap fits snugly over the top of Phenix's cock, 
held securely in place by the ring which sits snugly behind the flare of his cock head. 
With Jason's hands removed a glimpse of Phenix's right thigh shows us how his legs are held open by his restraints, a vulnerable position which makes the conglomeration of wires and metal electrodes attached to this part of his body all the more intimidating. 
It's as though we are looking through his eyes, fearing what is to come.

We can now see that Phenix has also been gagged, 
although this very un-medical, bit-gag will not stop him shouting. 
Arguably it will protect his tongue from biting during electrically induced spasms 
but it would be nice to see a less fetishistic design. 

The brown strapping fits the bill better 
and allows him just enough freedom to struggle - to Jason's obvious pleasure. 
You can admire Phenix's thighs to the full here 
as he begins to experience the second trial and braces himself.

Close up again you still can't see what Phenix is experiencing 
but you can comprehend that there is no escape from the tormenting electrodes attached to him

This picture could easily be glossed over, but for me it is pure erotica. 

You can see how the ring of the cage fits neatly behind the flare of Phenix's penis head, so it is held securely in place. The straps holding the pads against his thighs are so tight they compress his flesh. 
Phenix's rigid cock immediately grabs your attention, but look also at the lines traced by the front of his thighs as they converge towards his neat pubic mat. It's beautifully erotic and the continuation up towards his pecs would be too but it is broken up by the tattoos on his abdomen. 

The authentic looking equipment in the background, even the orderlies hand create a tremendous sense of a helpless captive being remorselessly tested.

That hurts! Phenix curls his body and draws his legs up, 
fists clenched in an involuntary response to the assault on his groin

A marvellous shot of Phenix's muscular body writhing and tensing
 as his whole genital area is subjected to painful torture by the sadistic Orderly.

Phenix sinks back exhausted.
Jason extends a cynical comforting hand 
or is he just enjoying the feel of his victim's trembling body?
What can I say? Marvellous erotica.
Ref: Bound Gods 11107 Chloroform

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