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Sunday 6 June 2010

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Mike

Mike - 'Dave Trussed'


Mike who? I have at least 5 artists who go by this name including the well known, present day cartoonist and magazine illustrator who produces remarkably erotic pictures, but not fetish ones.
The 'Mike' represented here produces drawings which are notable for the realistic proportions of the men's anatomy - including the sex organs. The detailing appears to be sketchy but is appropriate for the natural physique of the young subjects. I have darkened this picture slightly to bring out the subtle shading. His view of bodies as sexual objects seems to veer towards slenderness and plasticity rather than bulk and voluptuous curves. The facial detail is often slightly odd and combined with the smoothness of skin suggested by the delicate shading creates a strange ghostly appearance. The solid black background merely serves to accentuate this.
The pictures I have seen are understated but explore a wide range of fetish topics like bondage, waxing, gags and whips etc. This example is the most interesting and is not only well drawn (check out the fingers) but brings out the anxiety of the subject in a rather striking way.

I don't have any link info for this artist.
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