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Saturday, 3 October 2009

In Praise of Y-Fronts - 23 Some Y-Front Art

A selection of pictures featuring Y-front style underwear pictures from pin up to raunch. I would have liked to feature Tom or Etienne in this section but I can't recall them ever using these garments in their pictures. Tom didn't feature underwear of any sort much and Etienne it seems was a shorts man.

Beach Palms by 'JuiceJ' of whom I know nothing. Obviously derived from a photograph, the romantic subject and style is reminiscent of Kimura but much crisper.

'Cotton Candy' by the prolific 'Kent' who regularly features the underwear theme. His pictures are sold on e-bay and regularly crop up in male art groups.

Trio by DAD. Quite an arty image but it homes in nicely on the eroticism of underwear.

A detail from 'Full Moon' by Teddy of Paris, the great, French, erotic artist. See also my A-Z article on Teddy. Look at GMBA archives for more (see sidebar for link).

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