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Sunday, 11 January 2009

Mitchell’s A-Z of Fetish Artists - Fluide Glacial - Solé

Today’s picture is by an artist I originally labelled as 'Fluide Glacial' (hence it's inclusion under the letter 'F') but really that's just the name of a french magazine that published these pictures under the headline 'Son of Tom of Finland'.

My thanks to 'JF', the french artist who did some detective work and discovered the artist's real name is Jean Solé (Updated June 2011)
.Solé - Gilbert and Jerome go shopping at Auchan

They are not really fetish pictures at all although they are sprinkled with fetishistic imagery. I thought the quality of the work deserved a ‘mention in despatches‘ and I would be very surprised if more fetishist examples do not exist.

The style is highly reminiscent of Tom of Finland not only in technique but in the humour and in the characterisation of the black security guard.

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JF52 said...

My pleasure, Mitchell !
And thanks : you are a gentleman.