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Monday 12 January 2009

Mitchell’s A-Z of Fetish Artists - Falkon

Falkon (aka Graewolf) was a contemporary of Tom and Etienne and some of his work drew heavily on Etienne images (a source of controversy in some quarters). The picture shown illustrates his style which is slightly naïve - but the graceful anatomy is very pleasant.
Falkon - Stewpot

 Notice the 'locals' here are white, I'm not sure whether this makes it non-racist
 or whether it's adding insult to injury.

Despite the Etienne influences, much of his work is totally original featuring highly adventurous subjects like cannibalism (as in ‘stew pot’ here), burning and electrocution of genitals and suspension by same. This dramatic subject matter almost goes off the far end of the scale of fetishism but it is usually presented in a disarming, comic fashion that it is unlikely to cause offence. 

Falkon should also be commended for his ground breaking book - “Gay Art - a historic collection” first published in 1972 and recently reissued by Arsenal Pulp Press. It contains fascinating information on the ‘pioneers’ of gay art.
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