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Saturday 10 January 2009

A New Look - and a new series for mitchmen

We have a slightly new look at 'mitchmen' from today. I've introduced a bit of colour into the banner to make it more interesting. I'm keeping the 'tied up gardener' image as it always seems to excite newcomers and represents my interests quite well.
The next set of articles posted here will feature a new letter in the A-Z of fetish artists - the letter 'F'. Here to whet the appetite is a picture by Futoshi which expresses quite a lot of what fetish art is all about without even resorting to nudity - nice!
I have lots of artists to choose from for 'F' - Faccini, Frey, Fillion, Franco, Fury, Fujimoto, Fuwa, Funayama and more besides. This could be interesting! As usual I will sift through the contenders and discard those that do not really qualify as 'fetish artists'. In other words those artists who only 'dabble' occasionally in uniforms, bondage, S and M, torture and all the myriad other little obsessions that colour our world. This is a purely subjective judgement on my part but I won't exclude any artist whose contribution has been memorable even if it has been small in quantity. CGI artists are also excluded to keep the list manageable. I hope to review them at a later date but at our present speed it won't be this year! If you want to read the earlier A-E articles click on the A-Z label below

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