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Thursday 15 January 2009

Mitchell’s A-Z of Fetish Artists - Fillion

Patrick Fillion is a professional comic illustrator of considerable standing and has produced a large amount of uncompromisingly gay and intensely sexy artwork.
Fillion - Unzipping

His work often features restraint, bondage or domination. But you will also find spanking, (as in the early example here) golden showers, cbt and a number of less common interests - electro, piercing and catheters for example. All are excellently depicted.

Fillion - Chased and Spanked

A good deal of his work is fantastical in nature and his trademark could said to be the morphing of humans with animal characteristics notably Camili Cat who is constantly being captured and assaulted by tactile aliens.

Fillion - Camili-Cat
These mixed breeds of human and animal flirt with animal fetishes which are a whole different realm to mere torture and bondage. I’m sure many guys will find it exciting but I find the animalised faces something of a turn-off. Fortunately their bodies have all the important male characteristics in ample proportions. I will admit that the sexual contact between man-like creatures and aliens (or plants) can be erotic providing it is convincingly drawn. I have a weakness for ‘tentacle pictures’ myself. But for me, the erotic charge in ‘Poor Kitty Cat’ comes from the muscular hero being contorted into a painful position by the stronger creature, helpless to resist the probing examination of the contents of his pants.

The apparently fanciful fairy and snake picture is another rather clever take on this theme and gets more erotic the more you study it.

The snake is the epitome of strength and evil lust from his dripping mouth to his phallic shaped tail. The boy fairy is cute - but perhaps not entirely innocent, judging by his tattoos and his erection as he contemplates the snakes next move. This picture stands in a long tradition of ’good guys’ in danger and at the mercy of animals representing the sexual beast.

It is unnecessary to comment on Patrick’s technical skills - just look at the hands and feet in these pictures. The background work, in the last picture for example, oozes style.

Fillion - Fox

Sometimes you do have to look quite hard as the cartoons are often packed with detail and the scenes may feature multiple, intertwining participants. The hard edged cartoon style with intensely dark shadowing can sometimes be unhelpful in complex situations like this as the black tends to ‘grab the eye’ and come forward when you want it to recede. I think the eye becomes accustomed to this in the context of a comic and since there is a whole generation of cartoonists successfully using identical techniques, who am I to quibble? Patrick’s ability to pour sensuous sex into the frame makes every one worth a look and his suspension and stretching bondage images are first class.

For more visit his website -

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