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Monday 5 January 2009

Mitchell's 'In Praise of Sailors' -16

Since Tom and Etienne there has not been so much sailor art produced and I had to search quite hard to find a representative selection. The imagery is used quite a lot by artists who produce pictures suitable for hanging on your living room wall. In these pictures the imagery is wholesome and indisputably attractive.

The sailor in (59) is a favourite of mine - for the technique as much as the subject matter - but I have never been able to discover the name of the artist.

Wu (60) is quite prolific and his work has a nice balance between erotic and presentable. Those bottles count as a modern version of hidden eroticism, not just in shape but in their relative positioning. More subtle is the direction of the right arm belonging to the guy at the back, visualise him at the front of the picture and see where his hand is!
More of his work can be seen at Adonis Art - Wu.


Hartley’s sailor (61) is part of a series of military portraits which are rather nice.

The next installment will feature more sexy modern interpretations of the sailor theme.

Read this series from episode 1

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