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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Mitchell's 'In Praise of Sailors' - 17

(62) Sailor by Kent
For a rather sexier view of sailors here are some examples from Kent above (62) and below (63).

(63) Sailor in the Engine Room by Kent

These two pictures show difference between simply showing the uniform
 and using selected elements to create a sexy image.

(64) Sailor Saluting by RA Schultz

Schultz’s sailor (64) above works better than Julius’ effort below (65)
because it is more believable as a man
- and the same applies to his bulge compared with Kent‘s men!

(65) Sailor by Julius

Dupre below (66) dispenses with everything but the cap - not even a bulge in the underwear.
This approach works fine for me.

(66) Sailor by Dupre

In all these pictures you can see the fine line between sexy uniform and fancy dress.

(67) Sailor in Chair by Luger

In comparison, Luger’s picture from the sixties is a masterwork with fine quality drawing.
The eroticism seems restrained and disguised at first,
but in reality is more overt than any other in this group.

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