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Wednesday 7 January 2009

Mitchell's 'In Praise of Sailors' - 18

My final selection of sailor artists features a bit more raunch.
Bisonnes’ contribution (68) is a rare example of a two sailors in bondage 
with a Samurai warrior  introducing them to the possibilities of Shibari.

The sailors tattoo’s don’t show up very well,
 they are actually more Japanese than nautical.
It’s an interesting image though.

Rex is one of the all time greats for fetish art and although his pictures are leather oriented,
other types do get ‘roped in’ from time to time(69). Here is a proper sailor, sexily presented.

This harks back to the early images of leather men chasing sailors by Tom and co.
But in Rex’s world the leather man’s rule is unchallenged. Sailors submit.
I like the chunky, masculinity of his men, no delicate faces to be seen here!
The drawing technique, of course, is stunning.
Palanca is well known for his cartoons showing enlarged feet and organs
 and this drawing is no exception (70).


The overflowing erotic content needs no comment.
The muscular, hairy chested sailor seems an obvious stereotype
but he doesn’t appear very often in gay art so this contribution is most welcome.

To finish off I have returned to Schultz.
This sailor (71) is also a hairy guy - but not on his chest you will note!
Like Palanca, Schultz often shows unreal organs
but the body proportions of this guy are perfect.
So Sailors are alive and well in modern gay art even if you have to hunt for them.
The imagery nowadays benefits from the skills of well trained, professional artists.
My only regret is that the sexy scenarios painted by Tom and Etienne and later on by Rex,
seem to have disappeared now and we are mainly left with Sailors as objects of lust
although these days the lustful parts are much more explicit.
In the next posting I will show a small selection of my own sailor works.

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