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Monday, 8 December 2008

Mitchell’s A-Z of Fetish Artists - Etienne Part 2

The first picture in this group is another early image from a set of pictures depicting Military Cadets. Etienne produced a number of collections of standalone pictures with military or sporting themes.
Etienne - Cadets on Parade
 In this sample image the quality of the faces and the uniform detail speaks for itself and the combination of semi nudity and military discipline is very sexy and original. But there's also a subtly-disguised piercing reference that transforms the initial impression of straightforward incongruous nudity into something much more erotic for fetish fans! 
But the bulky legs do jar a bit.

Etienne - Night Patrol
I don’t wish to detract at all from Etienne’s abilities. I rank him at the pinnacle of gay art. My first sight of an Etienne picture was the teenage Romeo caught at it by Cops (above) and for me this remains an outstanding picture and one of his most erotic images. The stunning beauty of the boy and the rendering of the skin texture and clothing is sensual in itself. His powerlessness faced with the menace of the cops is very sexy. The leg proportions are chunky but spot on. 

In the series that follows the lad is put through his paces and earns a reprieve from his traffic violation. The quality of the figure drawing and composition falters at times and the result is not quite as exciting as it promised to be. This inconsistency is remarked upon by Felix Falkon in his book ‘Gay Art’. Any artist is liable to suffer from it but if every Etienne picture had been of the standard above what a master we would have had! Follow this link for Night Patrol in full

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