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Monday, 23 June 2008

Mitchell's A to Z of Male Fetish Artists - Domino

I debated whether to include Domino in this series. His erotic pictures are not especially about fetish subjects but the theme that runs through them which is very much in the 'mitchmen' vein is the sense of compulsion and submission. This is sometimes indicated by the use of clothing depicting rank - Cops of course, the boss's suit or simply over-sized boots!. In other pictures the domination is shown by the hand grasping the victim's hair or the raised fist of the biker. So we can squeeze Domino in as a contender.
In terms of artistic qualities no one could doubt his pedigree. The pen and ink drawing style is used to create a tremendous sense of realism with dense detail and spectacular light and shade effects. His pictures are filled with iconography that tells us unmistakably - we are in the USA. The drawing of figures and clothing is excellent. It's a shame that there is only a small amount of his work available to us.

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