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(Feb 18th 2018)

Sunday, 23 July 2017

A-Z entry for Franco updated

Franco - Uncle's Training

As part of my rolling programme of updating older 'A-Z of Fetish Artists' articles, I have largely rewritten and significantly expanded the original 2009 post about Franco's art. An addendum will follow in the next few days which will bring it up to date with a survey of his work since 2010
(now published - see Franco's Art Part 2).
Heading this post is a rarely-seen picture by him, entitled 'Uncle's Training'. It appears to be a strangely domesticated version of a typical leather fetish scene. I can't decide whether the 'Uncle' tag makes it more or less chilling. It features a relatively primitive milking machine, well more of a milking stand actually, with the milking (and spanking) done by hand. The leg spreading bars which seem to be it's main feature also appear in another of his well known images - 'milking the Rams' which also appears in the revised article on Franco's Art (Part 1)

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