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(Feb 18th 2018)

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Postscript to Men Sharing Clothes No 23

The scene of rugby players swapping shorts in my last post comes from a match played a surprisingly long time ago in 2001 in fact, an NRL match between the Canberra Raiders and the Newcastle Knights. (I only discovered the images a year or so ago and was amazed to learn the true date of the incident while researching this article). 

Andrew 'Joey' Johns #7 of the Knights and Brett Finch also #7 of the Raiders swapped shorts at the end of the match which the Knights narrowly won 22-20. 

You can almost guess the player identities just from their names, 
the chap in the pictures below is Brett Finch.


You can see in these pictures that he had a serious demeanour quite a lot of the time 
even when he was relaxing in the beefcake picture below.

In contrast to this 'Joey' Johns was obviously a bit of a joker
with a strapping build which must have been quite intimidating on the field.

If you research his career you will find colourful episodes including the picture below
which was not what it seemed apparently

The pictures below may not have come from the same match
but they are the same teams and you can see Brett is getting a bit of stick.

It must have been extremely disappointing for Brett in the 'shorts swap' match
to be on the losing end by such a narrow margin.

and it must have been extremely tempting to Joey 
to give his opposite number a good ribbing in traditionally, robust Australian style.
Hence the assertive swap proposal and reluctant donor.

All I can say is "nice work chaps!"

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