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(Feb 18th 2018)

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Torture Central - 2

There's a selection of good photographic imagery and clips at Torture Central. My choice here is not really fully representative of the material on the blog, I have concentrated on the eye-candy, but if you like rougher stuff you'll find that as well.

 This handsome, chunky, young man sports a pair of briefs that might cause amused comment in some circles but I find them strangely beguiling as torture-wear. I can't work out of it's the vaguely historical, loincloth flavour or the off-beat, mannish fashion sense, but either way it seems to impart a feeling of a man unexpectedly plucked out of his life and exposed, unprepared, to a bizarre, pseudo-medical examination.  This model's facial expressions are marvellous and on that account I expect his images will be with us for many years to come.

 I'm drawn to this image for a similar reason, there's a sense of ordinariness about this young man's face and dismay in his expression that makes his situation seem disturbingly unplanned and weird. His body is far from ordinary of course, displaying a lean muscularity, unblemished by tattoos that is showcased by the stresses he is subjected to. This is not your typical fetish physique and that makes this image out of the ordinary too.

(photo dreamboybondage - I think)


Another refreshingly clean cut, young man about to be subjected to strange practices. He doesn't look like an obvious volunteer for the collar and ball-stretching device (improvised by coiling pink cord round his scrotum). It tells us that someone else has plans for him that go beyond admiring his good looks. The tap of a riding crop and the close proximity of an electrical circuit box are ominous signs that this beauty has fallen into the clutches of a beast.
(This studio, slaveboytraining, was new to me but seems to have disappeared off the web, I can find traces in search engines but they don't go anywhere, the tumblr blog has been taken over by parasites)


Another Russian Boy with dodgy underwear but the cut of it suits his physique immensely. The sensible size and incongruous colours bestow an ordinariness upon him that makes you wonder whether he understands or is up to the challenge he faces. The chunky collar assigned him seems to acknowledge his bulky, potentially dangerous physique - after all you don't tether a bull with a piece of string. However his bowed head suggests that the rebellious phase may have passed.

This is a much older image from a Tom 'Ropes' McGurk video but it's no less memorable than the others. It follows the formula of the previous images with a pretty boy captive and a mean looking master (Jason Branch). However, the atmosphere here is completely different. That's partly down to the professional dungeon metalwork which tethers the captive but doesn't provide tight limb restraint. But the main difference is that this boy is facing up his captor with defiance - albeit a defiance that's not quite sure of itself.

The captive's nipple ring tells us he's not a complete greenhorn and the veiny detailing of his arm in the foreground might make you wonder about his age too! There's a reddish colour cast in this image which fortuitously highlights what looks like chafing on his neck, as though caused by attempts to find a more comfortable position for his unforgiving metal collar. 

(photo: Tom 'Ropes' McGurk)

Bondadge without rope. A still from Man at Play that is striking for it's simple composition and message of self-assured superiority and calm submission. What power has caused this strong-looking, fully adult man to strip naked like this and allow his most intimate parts to be examined so casually in a public place? He's being treated like he's a piece of livestock who has no control over what happens to his own body or indeed has no other asset than his own body. Staff assessment never used to be like this! But you can see that he accepts this fate without surrendering his pride. Like the McGurk model above who is in line for similar treatment, he seems to defiantly challenge his molester to do his worst. Which no doubt he will in due course.

(Photo:- Men at Play)

This image has a sense of drama and movement. It's as though a particularly nasty lash has just landed on this last, tasty Russian Captured Boy. This captor seems to emanate power, privilege and depraved cruelty. His fully-dressed state highlights the captive's own subordinate status. As is usual at this site, he is allowed retain his underwear, a concession to everyday mores that scarcely lessens his humiliation, stripped before the boss as it were. But it suggests that this scene is about pure punishment rather than an artificial S&M ritual with an erotic outcome.

(photo: Russian Captured Boys)


Billy Santoro has the honour of signing off this little selection, struggling manfully with the irritations of an electro butt plug for 'Men on Edge'. Billy has a very different look to the other guys performing here, very grown up and masculine, but for my money he's just as cute. His familiar face and the sophisticated bondage paraphernalia spell out pure S&M fantasy, despite the anatomical wall charts and blue fatigues his tormentors are wearing. However I never grow tired of these electro scenes, which are usually riveting visually and often prompt interesting, genuine responses from the long-suffering guinea pigs.

(Photo from Men On Edge)

If you like images like this have a look at Torture Central


Anonymous said...

I don't want to be homossexual.
I love to be a man.
But I'd like to have that kind of experience.

Mitchell said...

Homosexuals are men of course, but I think I know what you mean.
I hope you get your wish fulfilled!