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(Feb 18th 2018)

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Peter Bound in Tights

 More images from BdmanBrazil showing Peter again (as in my last post).
He's tied up in tights again, but a different sort this time, the kind dancers wear.

This series of images shows him half-stripped and tied up. 
His captors have left him lying on his bed while they arrange collection.

 You sense his rising panic as he discovers the effectiveness of his bindings.

 He knows his helpless body is their prize, the threat is strangely exciting.

Then he thinks about his life and all he has.
About to be snatched away from him - for what?

 He makes one last effort to twist his wrists out of the ropes

 It's no good, he can't escape.

When his captors return, they will find him ready and waiting.

More pictures from this series at BdmanBrazil

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Anonymous said...

That dudes ass was born to be spanked then ploughed long and hard. ��