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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Men Sharing Clothes 21 - Tights

Another article in my on-going series examining the plight of models who have to wear clothes already used by someone else before them.


I've called them tights but I'm not totally sure what the correct term for this garment is. They resemble Long Johns but lack any sanitary provision, this is a roll-down situation. The tantalising see-through panels dispel the idea that these have any modesty function. What makes them particularly suitable for this series is their very tight fit which will ensure intimate contact with any man who wears them.  This is Peter of Bdman Brazil by the way.

 In this picture Peter looks like he's waiting to see the dentist or some other practitioner of unpleasant, invasive procedures. His anxiety won't be helping the studio's tights to stay fresh and clean, especially as they are clearly not made from natural, breathing fibres.

I must say that these tights make a terrific bondage outfit, showcasing Peter's legs while the dodgy thigh panels accentuate his groin area very sexily (click on the picture to expand if you want to inspect him more closely). Nice shoot, but who's next in line to try them on?

William Pezzoto

Those slinky tights are even more revealing on William's body, possibly because his bigger frame is stretching them out, spreading them thinner, but also pulling everything in tight and close.
William doesn't quite have Peter's 'little boy lost' appeal but has a look that suggests he's thinking about something slightly disturbing, like the news that other men have modelled this particular garment.

Unfortunately there's no time for discussing the provenance of the body-hugging, crevice invading hosiery. The shoot must go on and William, bound hand and foot - and gagged as well, is in no position to object. His discomfort is our pleasure.

Pictures for this article all come from Bdman Brazil continuing the loose Rio associations of my last post. Unfortunately Bondage of fit, young athletes has not been accepted as an Olympic sport yet but we can hope. There's always a chance that there might be sympathisers on the Organising Committee.

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