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(Feb 18th 2018)

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Real Men Ride The Wedge at Bound Gods

I recently stumbled across this early example of the Bound Gods 'mini-wedge'
(previously shown being used on Trey Turner).

This 2008 video "Ring The Bell" (don't ask!) is probably better remembered for a lengthy sequence illustrated above with Park Wiley suspended and roped to a massive wooden block across his shoulders. 

Wiley spends just a few minutes astride the wedge but it produces some excellent imagery as Tober Brandt first flogs him (top image) and then gets romantic (above)

Events take a surprising turn when Tober climbs aboard himself to share the wedge, giving us a cheek splitting view which makes me wonder how I ever forgot this piece! 

These two have got their feet on the ground (for genuine Health and Safety reasons, unlike the memorable Cody Allen Classic in this genre). The implied sharing of both punishment and lust here would be a classic S&M image were it more convincingly executed. I'm happy to make do with Tober's buns though.

 The scene ends with the symbolic removal of Wiley's mask (and I for one am glad to see it go) allowing a nice intimate moment.

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