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(Feb 18th 2018)

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Real Men Ride The Wedge -Trey Turner

This scene from Bound Gods combines some favourite themes of mine, not just the wedge and tight rope bondage, but white, shorts-style underwear amply filled out by the delicious Trey Turner, who I confess I never imagined as a suitable subject for torture. His screen persona usually seems too soft and warm for this fate - and his trendy hair adornment would surely not survive dungeon induction! The collar looks great on him though.

The Warm-up. It looks like Trey's being given a relatively easy ride here, with the height of the wedge adjusted to allow his toes to just touch the ground (unlike his unfortunate predecessor in this punishment chamber - Cody Allen, who was entirely unsupported while being worked over by Brad Kalvo*). Trey can relieve the pressure of the wedge between his legs simply by flexing his feet - but that action does give us a fine display of his chunky thighs and calf muscles. In this un-natural position it won't take long for them to be burning.

The wedge is a nice enough, very snug fit here as Jessie Colter begins to warm Trey's ass cheeks with the lash. Trey's excitement shows no sign of flagging.

The Bound Gods photographer hasn't gone out of his way to flatter our Trey in these last two pictures and the accompanying blurb even describes his ass as 'plump'. Hmmm - perhaps that's part of his punishment. However, this image of his balls balanced astride the tip of the wedge with cock jutting out like a glorious ship's figurehead is truly memorable. 
Jessie Colter's treatment is equally double edge, a petulant-looking, jutting chin, but this is a nice snap of his (naturally) tensed midriff.

See more of this production at Bound Gods 
*Note - Riding the wedge for real, especially unsupported, is more dangerous than it might appear. Please don't try this at home!
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