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(Feb 18th 2018)

Saturday, 27 December 2014

First Catch Your Rogue - 4

"Please Mister, I didn't mean no 'arm!
I just wanted a bit of money, like,
to buy a Chrissy present for me Mum, like.
She'll go mad if you 'and me over to the rozzers. 
Please don't turn me in, Mister!
I'll pay for the window, like!
I'll do anyfing. Anyfing!"

Well, I'm not made of stone, so, later.......

(click,...... click,

"This is, like, really weird, Mister",
"I never had my ass, like, shaved like that before".
(click, click) 
"You won't, like, tell me Mum, will you? She'll go mad".
(click,...... click,
"This is soooo weird....
(click, click) 
Hey Mister, whatcha doin'?
(clatter, clatter)

.......tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock.....

" Sorry 'bout that Mister, but your hand was, like, dead"
"....made me jump, like. Sorry"
(click, click)
"Is yer camra alright then?
(click, click)
 "Mister? You ain't gonna show those pictures to anyone.... ?"
".......are you?"

(click, click, click, click, click)
"Mister? Can I have my jeans back now?"
 (click, click)
"Please Mister? (sniff)"
"Please! I wanna go home!"
 (click, click, click........)

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