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(Feb 18th 2018)

Monday, 2 December 2013

Bound Guy Donovan

Donovan at Bound Guys

This is Donovan, handcuffed to a metal frame and naked as the day he was born. I like the tension in his straining body and his concentration on the frustratingly simple, restraining device.  His fair-skinned hairless body won't appeal to everyone, I suppose, but for me it highlights the absence of his usual cloak of protective clothing giving a sense that this nudity is not at all normal. 

The plentiful head hair (distinctly un-fetish-like) suggests he come from a world of freedom, wealth and pleasure. In contrast his shaved groin reinforces the 'rarely exposed' effect and suggests that his processing has begun. Transitioning him to a domain of service and pleasure-giving where his captor decides what he will do, how he will look and what he will be allowed to wear.

I'm often an advocate of clothes as props, but this picture shows that a man and his handcuffs make a pretty good picture too. A simple bondage arrangement like this can be a lot more erotic than a plethora of ropes and straps and other gear which obscure the object of desire.

This image comes from a recently published series at This often overlooked bondage site is refreshingly different to the muscle jock specialists. It features a wide range of ages and body types and the straight-forward, unglossy photography gives the images a nice sense of immediacy and realism.

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