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(Feb 18th 2018)

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Hunk of the Month - Stephen Moriarty - 3

 2011 Joe Ticknow

Coming after the preceding sequence of fairly conventional beefcake images this group by Joe Ticknow comes as an astonishing revelation. It's an amazing portrayal of Stephen's muscular development, conveying a size and definition which is not this apparent even in the muscle contest shots. The spiky, slightly bizarre hairstyling and stubbled chin give the model the virile, masculine and dangerous aura of a sci-fi, computer game, fantasy hero. I imagine this shot will define Stephen Moriarty for posterity and it would be interesting to know how Stephen himself feels about this idealisation of his masculinity.

 This pose, though slightly less dramatic, carries the same theme forward. The mighty hero, surrounded by the graffitti of a ruined world, scans the horizon for danger.  The denim jeans disguise the model's massive thighs and reshape his body into sheer solid bulk. There's a sense of confidence and power about him, 'Man of Steel' indeed!

Arms outstretched, there's a certain vulnerability about this pose, but that casual look over the shoulder is full of confidence and just a hint of a knowing smile. Through mitchmen eyes there's also a suggestion  the hero in captivity with arms tethered to the chunky rail behind him. He watches the approach of captor and tormentor with determination and strength.

All in all a memorable group of images. Take a bow, Stephen!

It's nice to see a competition pose that's relaxed and genuine. A year on from Ticknow, he's a man at the top of his game.The blond look has returned, but in more restrained hues which actually work very well with these colourful shorts (sadly a tad over-long) to create the spunky surfer look

 2012 Pat Lee
Pat Lee, goes for a more boy next door approach, playing down the musculature in this shot. It seems like an entirely different personality. These are the same jeans as in Joe Ticknow's set, a trivial but strangely interesting fact!
This pose complements the fabulous, Joe Ticknow, back shot above, but the intimidating bulk and dangerous aura has been replaced by clean cut, youthful energy and sensuality. The plunging waistline beautifully frames and shapes the model's slender waist and adds a subtle sense of twisting motion
Another mood change for the beach boy pose. All these Pat Lee images seem to conjure up a charming, shy lad seeking approval and recognition for his endeavours. Which one is the real Stephen?

2013 Grey Underwear
 Today Stephen continues to work on honing his body. This recent shot shows another perspective on his definition, particularly his legs. These private camera moments are probably quite revealing of the psyche, the assortment of potions likewise, but he's not getting any tidier - please Stephen, bin the bog roll!
 I imagine this physique would not attract universal approval from my readers. Personally I love plumped up pecs and thick thighs, but probably favour smoother contours. But we all have our obsessions and you can't fault the commitment of such men. If you browse Stephen's Facebook page (where the grey underwear image, above, comes from) you'll discover that he likes to use his knowledge and experience to help other, undeveloped men to transform into Muscle Gods too. It's a Pygmalion idea that I could happily build into a mitchmen fantasy, like the story of Leo recently posted here. I share the hobby, but I prefer to use pencil and paper to realise the result!

Photo credits:  'I'm a beast' lead images by Joe Ticknow (this is his vanilla business site, for beefcake it's better to Google his images). Beach boy contest picture borrowed with thanks from Stephen Moriarty's public profile -  Man of Steel at, 'Boy Next Door' shoot by Pat Lee.

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