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Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Adventures of Leo - 8

Leo stood in the cellar, dressed in his best white underwear and surrounded by a crowd of men. They were politely jostling with each other, trying to get close enough to inspect him and touch him. He recognised the Plantation owner and the Harem fantasy man from recent sevice calls, but there were many others he had never seen before. There was a buzz of  excitement in the air and he could sense their intense feelings towards him.

If Leo did not know most of these men, they certainly knew him. Ever since he'd arrived here, the Captor had been putting out a 24 hour CCTV feed of him to paying subscribers. His abduction had been planned and widely advertised in advance to interested parties, so they had been able to witness it all: his confused and angry arrival, his initiation into service and his training, step by step, until he could satisfy the basest lusts and the most perverse of men. They'd watched him being caressed and loved by gentle admirers, anxiously tossing and turning in his ropes at night, suffering in brutal rituals. His followers were legion and devoted and now the day had finally arrived when they had the chance to actually make him their own - to take away and keep.

Eventually, the Captor mounted a rostrum at the far end of the room and began addressing the room. The men immediately turned and gathered around him. Leo sat on the steps and watched as his fate was decided. The auction was animated but he couldn't hear anything properly. Now the crowd had moved away, he noticed that there were a large number of cardboard boxes stacked up against the cellar walls, which hadn't been there before, it was as though someone was moving out. There was a round of applause at the far end of the room. The group began to break up and gradually they dispersed. Some angrily stalked out in disappointment, others came back to Leo for a wistful last look before reluctantly leaving. 

Picture by Titan Men

Leo was returned to his cell with no explanation, but unusually he was allowed out of ropes while he changed into working clothes and awaited the first customer of the day. Within a short time, a scantily clad young man arrived, not Leo's usual clientele, but he announced he was actually valet to Leo's new owner and he'd come to measure up Leo for his 'going away' outfit. He casually explained that the Captor had advised him to remove his own uniform in case Leo became too 'emotional' and damaged it, but personally he suspected another motive. He glanced up towards the dome where the CCTV camera was concealed.
Leo tried to find out who had purchased him, but the boy was tight-lipped and would not say.

The next morning the captor breezed into Leo's cell exclaiming "You're going away, Leo! Get into these" and he proffered him a neatly folded pile of clothing which turned out to be a set of Navy fatigues. It felt strangely uplifting, climbing into a uniform again after all this time. They had already been 'worn in' by someone else but they were a perfect, snug fit. When he'd finished dressing the captor tied him up again in a tight hogtie, which was unusual, this form of restraint was normally reserved for night time.

"You look great Leo" said the captor warmly, as he pulled the ropes extra tight around Leo's buns. "Just right for a Caribbean cruise on a private yacht. You'll be on the ocean by tonight. Thanks, Leo - I shall miss you. You've made me a rich man - and I'm outta here too, before those hoodlums come back to dip their fingers in the  pot. Hey! I think that knock means your transport is here!"

He unlocked the door and the valet appeared again, dragging a large sea-going chest behind him. Together they lifted Leo into the trunk, placing him face down and surrounding his body with protective packaging. Then the lid was closed on him, it pressed down on Leo's feet, pushing them uncomfortably against the back of his thighs and he squawked in annoyance, but it was too late. Darkness descended and the locks outside clicked shut. He felt some jarring and bumping as the trunk was secured. Then it was being lifted, carried along, jolting him, jarring his folded legs. Now he heard traffic sounds, they must be outside and he hopefully called out a muffled cry for help. Then there were voices concluding a transaction, the hollow clang of a van door slamming, an engine starting up, then they were pulling away with a jerk that rolled him to one side.

His long journey begun, tears formed in Leo's eyes.
He hadn't even been able to say goodbye.


Pictures for this episode by Bound Guys except where stated otherwise

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