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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Adventures of Leo - 7

After weeks of confinement and bizarre abuse, Leo thought his new life held no more surprises for him - and then 'Weasel' Cade walked into his cell.

Leo knew him well, Cade was an East Side lowlife who preyed on the poor and hung around with the meanest scum in the city. But like any weasel, he was hard to nail, he was one of those criminals you just had to harass all the time.
Leo and the other cops did their very best to make life hard for him.
picture by Fetish Force

'Well, well, well, it's Police Officer Carlton', said Cade in his sing-song weaselly voice, 'We'd heard there was a cop here, but I didn't expect it to be you, Leo.
You don't mind if I call you Leo, do you?"

Leo did mind of course, but it was Cade in charge now and he was full of villainous swagger. He even untied Leo's hands. 'You'll service me better with your hands free, Leo, heh, heh, heh'

This might have been Leo's chance to escape, but the door was locked and street fighter Cade would delight in taking a weakened Leo down, if he tried anything
 - and of course, the Captor was always watching.

So when Cade dropped his pants and squirted over Leo's bare chest, the cop could only grip his fists in angry frustration and when told to start sucking, he had to comply. It was the ultimate humiliation, but just the beginning, as Cade extracted a lengthy, painful revenge.

picture by Ebony D

Leo was still nursing his bruises when he was unexpectedly called out again to service two tough looking men. He'd never had a double booking before and although he didn't recognise them, he knew straight away they were underworld characters. They spread him with ropes and probed every recess of his body in a cold, calculating, strangely non-sexual, but very threatening way.

Finally, one turned to the other and said
 'I tink d'boss'll definitely fancy dis bitch cop'.
 'Yeah, definitely' agreed the other, grinning and showing an immaculate row of broken teeth. After they left, Leo heard shouting and crashing noises from outside, then silence.

 picture by Bound Guys

It was some hours later when the Captor finally came to free him. Leo saw his face was bruised and he was escorted back to his cell in total silence.
You didn't have to be a cop to know that this sudden influx of thugs and hoodlums meant trouble - for both of them. Leo anxiously tested his restraining bindings,
he felt a terrible danger.

picture by Raging Stallion

For a day or so, normality (or what passed for normality in the Captors den) returned. Leo continued to serve his lustful, demanding clients. But now the spectre of gangland servitude was never far from his mind. For a cop it was bad enough to be forced  to be a rich man's plaything, but quite another thing to be the helpless butt of toughs and ruthless criminals. 

to be concluded

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