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(Feb 18th 2018)

Monday, 4 March 2013

The Adventures of Leo - 4

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Leo did not retire to his bed that night - he was carried to it and dumped on it, naked and bound.
It wasn't even a proper bed, but an uncomfortable put-you-up sofa in a basement room.
His captor thought a captive cop on a rainbow flag was hilarious and took photos for the Internet.
Leo drifted off to sleep hoping the cops would see them and spot clues to where he was being held.

In the days that followed, Leo slipped into the routine of being tied and retied, dressed and undressed, all for the amusement of the punters. He became accustomed to being a captive servant of their perverted desires and found it wasn't always unpleasant, they weren't all nasty.

 His days of duty normally followed a repetitive pattern of bondage trials, interspersed with meals and closely supervised exercising, designed to keep him in prime condition. Leo enjoyed seeing his body becoming fitter and his popularity was becoming strangely pleasing to him, but he was told it wouldn't last. He was hitting his target earnings now, the Captor said, but these men would soon get bored with him. This was just the easy money, he'd soon be moved on to more demanding work. Then his takings would increase much more rapidly, but the Captor said he had to pace him so he wouldn't burn out too soon.

Leo wondered what 'burning out' meant. Maybe his Captor would set him free, one day, with a nice share of the money he'd earned.

One day, a routine macrame session with a client was suddenly interrupted. The Captor burst in with a very agitated demeanour and bundled the trouser-less customer out of the door, telling him he had to leave quickly. A few minutes later he returned, lifted tied up Leo off the bed and hurriedly carried him to a well hidden back room, where he dumped him on the floor and locked the door.

Shortly after Leo heard voices nearby, it was the cops, he could tell by the tone and pattern of their questioning. He strained to hear better and called out to them (as best he could though the multiple layers of gag stuffed in his mouth). But they didn't hear him, despite repeated efforts. After a while, the voices faded away and he was left lying on the floor for the rest of the day.

After this, Leo's police career gradually became a distant memory and he pretty much gave up hope of rescue. As he had been warned, his early, underwear-collecting customers gradually stopped coming and his duties became more exotic and his clients more demanding and cruel.

Leo's first, really bad day started out as an innocent-seeming 'Harem' role-play. Leo was bound as usual and laid in a tented, luxuriously cushioned bed, ready to receive a Middle Eastern client of considerable wealth. The client was thrilled at first, calling Leo his 'Nubian Slave', but their encounter rapidly turned into an Arabian Nightmare of severe ball-binding and scorching hot oils. Unfortunately he enjoyed Leo's anguished squirming so much, that he promised to return for the 'disposal sale' when he would buy Leo to be his permanent Eunuch.

Leo suddenly saw a vision of a much more frightening future.

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