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(Feb 18th 2018)

Friday, 29 March 2013

Hunk of The Month - Stephen Moriaty - 1

Stephen Moriarty by Rick Day 2011

This series features men who for some reason catch hold of my imagination to the extent that I feel impelled to obsessively hunt down images of them. I featured this image some time ago at my 'gateway' site without knowing who the handsome model was. A reader named him for me, but my efforts to further verify his identitity led me into a fascinating world of wrestling, body building, and modelling. A glimpse of one young man's journey into manhood.


This picture shows Steven aged around 20, when he says he started body-building, so we must attribute his already creditable definition to his college wrestling career. The frightened-rabbit look and post-adolescent, puppy fat contrasts markedly with the confident man captured by Rick Day (above) only six years later.

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This picture shows Stephen posing in the Mid-Illinois Body Building Championships in 2007. He's bracketed by two ferocious-looking, black guys, which may be the reason why he's still got that anxious look we find so endearing at mitchmen. You'd think he was up for sale, not up for a prize!

Stephen's experiment with the bleach-blond look might have been a mistake,
but the choice of blue swimsuit certainly wasn't. 


By 2008 he's bulking up nicely. This informal shot shows a softer, most attractive muscle tone and  his relative youth still shows through. From this picture it would appear Stephen's not a very tidy boy - and I'd love to know what that leopard print is all about!

Steven Moriarty July 2009

A year on, Steven has achieved celebrity and is featuring in BB magazines.
At this degree of muscular development I think many men would stop - and in this picture he really does look a real man. What a beautiful face and I have no quarrel with the skimpy bikini trunks either!


Just in case you think Body Builders are narcicistic wimps,  this cage fighting picture
taken in September the same year shows that Steven is no pussy,
he's giving that fella a real pasting!

On his profile, Steven's e-moniker is 'Man of Steel'.
I'm certainly not going to argue with him!

October 2009

Body building Competitions produce curious, temporary aging effects as the men strive to minimise the fat covering their muscles. This picture was taken later in the same year as the yellow bikini, contest picture above, but Stephen looks much younger here. In fact it compares rather nicely with the 2005 pose we started with. You can see the same young man in his face,
but what a difference to his body. He's not getting any tidier though!

Top image is by Rick Day, Yellow bikini image by Muscular Development The other pictures are borrowed with thanks from Stephen Moriarty's public profile,  Man of Steel at

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