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(Feb 18th 2018)

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Robbie's Spanking

I am happy to see that the Jockspank blog is back on the air again
(see my previous post)
This group of pictures comes from their recent postings.

The images come from British Boys Fetish Club and what a very British name that is, for an erotic photo studio! It's reminiscent of the good old undercover days of the 50's.

 Robby's late for work again!

 Pants down time is pretty humiliating for a grown lad.
 This time the boss means business

The sight of Robbie's rosied-up cheeks could become addictive
 to a conscientious boss.

Lesson learned Robbie?
Or do you want some more?

British Boys Fetish Club has been around for a while but this is the best work I can recall seeing from them. The photography is good quality and the actors look good too. Robbie's cheeky face and shapely buns speak for themselves but I also like the slightly seedy, older man - he looks a tough old bird! The hand restraint tells you just how determined he is, it also credits the Robbie character with a bit of fight.

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Iso Reno said...

Handsome buttocks on that young kid