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(Feb 18th 2018)

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Arrest No 7 - Piss Patrol - part 9

Roy looks Parker in the eye, 
“I've told you I believe in appropriate punishment. 
Seagars here has been screwing you ever since you got here. 
Now it's your turn, so get it ready”

Roy's right, Parker does feel aggrieved and this sex-soaked incarceration is reviving some potent, adolescent fantasies about other men, 
which he never dared to explore - until now. 

He knows he's being drawn in deeper and deeper, entangled in a weird and dangerous web and he can't figure out Roy's angle. It scares him, but remembering Roy's punch in his stomach, there don't seem many other choices on offer.

Slowly and deliberately he begins to stroke himself hard. 

Prompted by Roy, Parker forces his cock into Seagars mouth, 
telling him to lube it up good.
The sense of power over the squirming, complaining cop thrills him.

Roy orders Seagars up on his knees and Parker excitedly enters him, doggie style.
It's his first time with a man, but the way is open, already prepared for him by Roy.

“I'll get you for this Parker!, you scum!” cries Seagars, sobbing into Roy's lap.
But Parker's lost in the pleasure of new, warm, soft sensations.

Seagars' resistance rapidly wilts under Parker's manful assault
The humiliation of being screwed by his own prisoner is too much.
Parker flips him onto his back so he can watch his face. 

He continues towards his climax, taking his revenge,
scarcely noticing that Roy has taken up position behind him
and is observing him with great interest.

to be concluded tomorrow

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