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(Feb 18th 2018)

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Arrest No 7 - Piss Patrol - part 6

Sorry for the break in posts in this serial, folks. 
The story continues with Parker forced to suck cop dick.

Parker does his best to service Officer Roy's ramrod. It's pretty distasteful to him and his only prior experience is the crash course he just received from Seagars - and even that was interrupted halfway through, by Roy finding them at it.

“He's not much good, is he?” Roy says to Seagars, tweaking the other cop's nipple fiercely enough to induce a squeal of surprised pain. “It's gonna take more than this for me to overlook your gross behaviour and dereliction of duty, perhaps he's better at taking it up the ass, is he?.”

“Nuurgh!” splutters a horrified Parker.

“Yeah”, says Roy “I think I got an idea how to punish you two. 
Get up Parker, you pathetic cock sucker! Seagars, get down behind him!”
Seagars hesitates.
Roy adds nastily, “Unless you'd rather go up to the Captain, on report.”
Seagars humbly gets down on his knees. 

Roy orders Parker to help him out of his shirt so he can punish them without getting it sweaty and dirty. Parker fumbling with the buttons, realises that his humiliations here are far from over. 

Roy has now taken hold of his cock and is twirling it like a smoker assessing an expensive cigar. Worse, he feels Seagars' beard bristling it's way in between his ass cheeks.
“Stop that,” he tells Seagars, clenching his ass as tight as he can, “I don't do that.”
There's a brief hushed silence, then Roy roars at him.
“In this jail we'll tell you what you do and don't do!”
He grabs the soft flesh of Parker's pec in a tight claw hold.
Seagars joins in, grabbing Parker's balls from behind and giving them a sharp tug that makes him double up in pain.
He falls forward onto Roy's chest, and purely by mistake, 
jerks the officer's uniform trousers down.
“Did you see that, Seagars?” exclaims Roy, 
“The punk attacked me! Restrain him!”
Seagars jumps up and puts a double arm lock on Parker pulling him backwards. 
As he does so, Roy punches the prisoner in the stomach. 
Parker cries out in pain.
Roy's mouth engulfs his cock.
to be continued

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