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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Arrest No 3 - Parole Violation

The underwear campaign I utilised in my last post was entitled 'Parole' and it leads me neatly into this offering from 'ParoleHim'. It features hunky Dominic Sol who has recently completed a prison sentence for drink driving. He has an appointment with Parole Officer Black.

Dominic has been breaching his bail conditions. 
He arrives for his appointment expecting a hard ride

Officer Black doesn't mince his words, he tells Dominic he's going back to jail and in preparation for arrest searches him....

Black realises Dominic has a little more to offer than the immature boys he usually has to deal with.
Dominic's heart sinks as he realises Black really does intend to send him back to jail. Click. Click.

  With his prisoner nicely immobilised and compliant, Officer Black offers to explore some alternatives to Jail. He begins by diving inside Dominic's jeans.

 Once he's got over his surprise, Dominic's starting to think this is gonna work out OK after all.

But soon discovers it's not that simple

It's not a lot different to jail, he reflects, but at least he should get to go home afterwards

You can tell that for all his harsh talk Officer Black has a soft spot for Dominic, really. He's pretty sure Dominic's got a soft spot for him.

Dominic has plenty of time time to contemplate how to handle his next appointment with Officer Black.

If you're wondering where the underwear in my title comes in, visit ParoleHim and watch the video, the sequence where Black gets inside Dominic's jeans is very sexy, but if you blink you'll miss the undershorts!.

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